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Afraid to Shine?

Well lookee what was in my inbox this morning! EFT wording about shining! (I will post it below) How fitting when this blog is called “Daring to Rise and Shine”. To explain: This is wording to say while one “taps” on certain acupressure points, it is called Emotional Freedom Technique (or EFT for short). I have been utilizing this fun method when I feel deep resistance to attaining something I really desire, or when I just feel that vague feeling of anxiety or uneasiness, like an open computer program running in the background…like it is using up valuable energy or RAM space which I could be using towards other better things! (Sound familiar to anyone?) Yet sometimes this vague feeling of uneasiness is enough to prevent me from acting towards what I really want, or believing I can experience it.

First of all the wording will not make sense unless you know a little more about EFT… but I am not even going to attempt to explain it like an expert would, I don’t even think I fully understand it myself. (I will include an intro by an expert below.) All I know is I have tried it and it has helped me many times. And it is easy to do, so why not? I know it has something to do with everything being made of energy, even our bodies- and the tapping is supposed to help release “energy blockages” that we are holding that do not serve us… potentially allowing us to be more “free” or able to feel better emotions about the subject we are addressing. This is done partly by being super honest about what we are really feeling. (A lot of times I think it helps me to move past blocks simply by being really honest and putting it into words, instead of trying to pretend that something isn’t really there that is nagging at me in the background.) The process is finished up by looking at more positive possibilities. Here is a short introductory video by Brad Yates, an expert in EFT. You can youtube all kinds of subjects… depression, success, etc. by Brad Yates and tap right along with him in the video. See how you feel, it can’t hurt, it’s just tapping right?

There are many sites which can teach you about EFT, and it is becoming more and more popular. Just google it and you will see what I mean. One of the founders, Gary Craig’s site is where I got much of my initial information: Great EFT information and wording (such as what is posted below) comes to my inbox every once in a while because I am subscribed to an E-newsletter by EFT practitioner Carol Look. The newsletter link is at the bottom of this post so you can visit Carol’s site if you like, and subscribe as well. I hope you enjoy! Here’s the wording:

“It’s Time to Shine….

“Even though I’m afraid to succeed and shine, I accept who I am anyway.”
“Even though I don’t feel safe when I shine, I accept how I feel and who I am.”
“Even though I don’t want to get in trouble for shining, I accept all of me now.”

***Now for the phrases that focus on the problem***

Eyebrow: “I’m afraid to shine.”
Side of Eye: “What if they get mad at me?”
Under Eye: “I’m afraid to succeed and shine.”
Nose: “It doesn’t feel safe to shine.”
Chin: “I didn’t even know that I could shine.”
Collarbone: “I’m not sure I have that much to offer.”
Under Arm: “I think it’s easier to stay where I am.”
Head: “I’d rather not get in trouble for standing out and shining.”

***Now for the positive focus on the solution***

Eyebrow: “What if I am supposed to succeed, even shine?”
Side of Eye: “When others shine, I know they help me.”
Under Eye: “Maybe I should try to shine at what I’m good at.”
Nose: “I wonder what would happen if I started to shine…”
Chin: “It might feel much better to start shining now.”
Collarbone: “Maybe it would be fun to try and succeed and shine.”
Under Arm: “I am considering showing up and shining!”
Head: “I choose to shine right now.”

Thank You, Universe for helping me learn how to shine and be at my best.
Thank You, Universe for allowing me to access my shining creativity.
Thank You, Universe for bringing me new ways to succeed and shine, it feels so good!
Carol Look


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